El Rojo Zorro, Quatro e-bokEngelsk, 2014


The animal with the red fur and the fluffy tail was traveling north to find a new home, and he found Wildwood Village. It seemed a good place to stop, especially when he found the injured, red-furred lady in the rock den. It wseemed even better when she was very happy to see him. One thing better than two friends was three of them, and when the trio joins together with their carrying baskets, surprising things can be found. Who would think that they would get to hold, in their bare hands, the tiny baby meadow voles. It happened, though, and there were pictures to prove it. It is not likely that they would have even found the baby voles if it had not been for Quatro, the immigrant fox. This is the fourteenth book of the Twenty Book Series, Wildwood Village Summer Camp, where 25 girls, ages ten to twelve, could spend a summer with each other and the local animals of central Oklahoma.