Donkhead Finds a Home e-bokEngelsk, 2014


Donkhead has a big back yard he can play in and friends he can play with. Even so, he is unhappy. He lives with a very mean family; the man, the woman, and even the baby like to hit him on his head whenever they get bored or angry. One day, while running away from the mean people, Donkhead makes a huge mess, and its the last straw. Donkhead is confused when the man puts a leash on him and leads him to the car. He is even more confused when the man takes the leash off of him and speeds away, leaving Donkhead in a field in the rain. But Donkhead isnt alone for long. As Donkhead sits wondering why he has been left here, a friendly and very curious little terrier named Ricktoo comes along and invites Donkhead to meet some of his other friends. What begins as the worst day of his life may turn out to be the best day of his life! Donkhead meets new friends and learns about the meaning of kindness. And he may even find a new home and a family to love him!