Cop in the Classroom e-bokEngelsk, 2017


Cop in the Classroom is a memoir about a deputy sheriffs career. The 33 personal stories are organized by chapters in which students ask the officer questions about his job. Is your gun loaded? Have you ever arrested a drunk driver? Have you ever shot anyone? Did you ever have to watch anyone die?You will discover: What character traits are important for being a police officer; what its like to make arrests and work fatality wrecks; how safe our schools are; the role of a school resource officer (SRO); what SROs do if they suspect child abuse; why sharing lunch and recess builds relationships; and the importance of support systems for youth.Jim Potter has accomplished something I didnt think anyone in law enforcement would do during my lifetime . . . write a first class book about police officers from a totally new and extraordinarily insightful perspective. The stories take you through a rollercoaster of emotions, as they are hilarious, heart-breaking and inspiring.--Neal Trautman, Ph.D., Director, National Institute of EthicsThis book is a unique insight into the special rapport that can develop between a school resource officer and students who seek adult help on a multitude of levels.--Dr. Wynona Winn, Superintendent of Schools, Hutchinson, Kansas