You Married a What?!: And Now I Have a Muslim in My House heftetEngelsk, 2018


What do you do when life throws you a Muslim? Answer: you find the funny This is a wonderfully, awkwardly, surprisingly hilarious story about a serious topic; a Muslim marrying into and living in the same house as a family of Christians and Atheists. How do they all get along? Well, at first they don't. But, ultimately, with humor love, and acceptance they come to appreciate their differences and enjoy their strange, quirky habits and diverse cultures. We don't get to choose who our kids fall in love with. And no one can prepare us for who they end up marrying. You Married a What-and Now I have a Muslim in The House is the amazingly, absurdly, deliciously funny journey of a mom having to accept her daughter's choice of husband, especially when they come live with her and Jeff and have a baby. When Ehab brings a different culture, religion and stinky food into her house, Val must dig deep into her soul to find empathy and love. Her persistent practice of meditation, prayer and reading self-help books help her conquer her fears. She finally comes to accept the otherness of Ehab and love him for who he is, and what he believes...even if he does drive like a maniac. Ultimately it is a book about love, respect and tolerance. When we come together with love, everything changes...and as a result we change everything on the planet.