Yes, I Can: An exceptional inspiring true life story of how I conquered sickle cell anemia and how you can do the same. heftetEngelsk, 2019


This book, 'Yes I can, ' is the story of my life and how I struggled to stay alive despite a death sentence from CONCEPTION. It's a story of two love birds who met and fell in love and were ignorant of their sickle cell status. A quick question is; 'do you know your genotype status' In case you do not know, stop everything you are doing right now and find out before you go on that romantic weekend you are planning. Maybe, you could conceive on that day. Running a blood test is a simple method of finding out. My parents' ignorance of the scientific discovery developed into my death sentence. I don't blame them and have never done so because they were na ve. This book shows you what I experienced and still going through to stay alive with the disorder and all the complications associated with it. The book is full of stories of my suffering, complications, bloody suspense, near death events, survival, inspiration and phenomenal coping strategies. My story shows what length a human being can do to stay alive for the love of her life; my kids and grandkids. If not for them, to be honest, I don't think I will not have the courage or desire to do all I did to stay alive even when it appeared I lose all hopes. You will learn phenomenal coping skills and all modalities of activities I had to used to cope. 1. Power of prayer and believe in God the Almighty. 2. Personal development and success coaching. 3. Intermittent fasting skills. 4. Law of the universe. 5. PSYCH-K facilitator. 6. Visualization and designing my dream life. 7. Living my dreams as if I am dying in the next 24 hours. The message in this book is that as humans, we have exceptional capabilities and could use our mind to control our body and can achieve a lot if we put our mind to it and be on purpose all the time with our road map of where we are going. Don't give up Perseverance pays and you can do it with determination. Say these words; 'YES I CAN.'