When Nothing Is Left, Go Right!: Blank Journal and Gag Gift heftetEngelsk, 2017


A quote for those who need to take their life back *** This journal alternates between 4 LINED pages for writing and 2 BLANK pages for sketching/drawing throughout - no text. Size 5.2" x 0.2" x 8" with 110 pages total. *** Not only does it make a great inspirational coffee table book, but its pages can be used as a diary of milestones, a record of special memories, a place for random sketches and diagrams, a very long bucket list, a notebook for tips and tricks, a place to write goals and plans, and much more. Make the gift even more special by stuffing a gift certificate or a little cash into the folds. Text on the BACK COVER: Do you feel as though nothing is going your way and life is starting to break down? Are you at the point where you think things just couldn't get any worse? Have you ever longed for something so deeply that you lost interest in life when it didn't happen? It's time to take your life back. Here's how - Identify the source of negativity. - Discover what is holding you back. - Set clear boundaries and obtainable goals. - Start by fixing small things you can handle. - Take steps toward making changes that will take more time. - Make necessary adjustments in your time and schedule. - Exercise. Start with simply walking and build from there. - Embrace your favorite things. Revive your hobby. - Move. - Go back to school. - Change jobs. Get a Job - Live below your means - Come back to reality - Stop comparing your life to others. - Don't blame others for your life choices. - Volunteer. Help people who are less fortunate. - Identify the positive things in your life. - Be thankful. Be hopeful. Look on the BRIGHT side - Look for support anywhere and everywhere. - Seek professional help.