Weightlifting Strength and Conditioning Log: Daily Weightlifting Training Workout Journal and Fitness Diary for Weightlifter and Coach - Notebook heftetEngelsk, 2019


Weightlifting Strength and Conditioning Log - This training journal is perfect for any weightlifter who's serious about their training and about achieving success and getting results. Use it to keep a record of strength training sessions and cardio workouts. Keeping a record is vital in order to track progress and maintain motivation levels.

Each page has daily tables to record exercises, weights and reps as well as duration, pace, heart rate zones and calories burned during cardio workouts. This ensures that a strength and conditioning plan is adhered to and that any changes to the workouts can be fine tuned and recorded to optimize performance. It is compact enough to be carried around to aid ease of use.

Ideal for a coach, dad, mom, son or anyone that simply loves the weightlifting. Makes a great Father's day, Mother's day, Christmas or Birthday gift.

Click on the author link to see our other weightlifting logs and diaries in the series - Training Log, to record technique and skills worked on, and Nutrition Log, to record dietary intake.

  • Size: 6 x 9 in.
  • 120 Pages
  • Glossy soft cover
  • Printed on white paper