Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Black Wolf, White Reich: Nation & Race heftetEngelsk, 2015


Book number four, last in the "Black Wolf" tetralogy, is by far the largest of the set. It is astounding in its scope and thoroughness. Author V. K. Clark surveys, analyzes, and synthesizes -- as in the first book -- an awesome array of both primary and secondary evidence to give this installment its scholastic character.Unlike most scholarly texts dealing with racial anthropology and race relations, this book is fun, factual, and readable. Ms. Clark turns complicated arguments, ideas, and excerpts into layman's terminology, so that ALL readers can understand what the scholars have said, and are now saying, about Nazism and racism.This book is packed with facts and intriguing anecdotes to keep the reader interested. Also much appreciated is the author's ability to place Nazi Germany within the broader context of Western history, thought, and process, as opposed to portraying them as a "freakish" deviation, as is so common.The book ends with a fascinating recollection of the author's battles with "Axis History Forum" trolls and Norwich University censurers, so that her readers can appreciate not only what she went through personally to publish and promote this thesis, but the serious and growing assault on free speech and free thought in America today.On the Web: https: //blackwolftetralogy.wordpress.com/