Trump and the Baby Snatchers: Coloring Book heftetEngelsk, 2018


What the hell is wrong with "Donald Trump"? Trump Administration has separated more than 20000 babies from their family. Babies are forcibly snatched, fathers are getting shackled and hand cuffed. Mothers are getting sexually abused. Is "Donald Trump" trying to complete with "German Dictator"? Does not Trump remember what happened to German Dictator? Does he want to have similar fate? Whole world population can live happily in state of Texas. Humanity is above all power. If "Trump Administration" treat fellow humans like animal, it can do the same with American citizens. Presenting 25 images to color to give "Donald Trump" a piece of your mind. Americans are not going tolerate these atrocities. If "Trump Administration" cannot treat refugees with compassion, Let the government shut itself down. Americans can defend themselves. They would be more than happy to get rid of IRS, militaries fighting unnecessary wars.