Too Terrified to Cook?: Just Think Like a Master Chef! heftetEngelsk, 2017


Unleash your potential in the kitchen with the author's down-to-earth, food preparation strategies to help you create an enjoyable dining experience for your family and friends.

  • Get tips on how to select kitchenware that fits your personal style
  • Learn how to make fewer mistakes when preparing meals
  • Discover strategies to make your grocery shopping more cost-effective
  • Take control of your "kitchen anxiety"

Author Althea Lockridge redefines the term "home-cooking" with down-to-earth food preparation strategies, charts, exercises and recipes told with heartwarming scenarios from her own struggle with kitchen anxiety. Read her tip on how to chop an onion without crying. Discover ways to purchase kitchen appliances, tools and cookware that truly fit your personality. Learn to compare and analyze recipes to create that unique recipe that works for you. Read ways to pull together a memorable dinner party with plans to give your event that extra special touch.

Rhonda Adams said, "Too Terrified to Cook? Just Think Like a Master Chef looks at cooking from a fresh and different perspective. The scenarios and information written by the author, Althea Lockridge, challenge me to a new way of thinking for a stress-free cooking experience. Her book presents a new twist, unlike the average cookbook... This book will make you laugh, ponder, and maybe even cry happy tears. Pull up your comfortable chair and enjoy a fresh, new perspective to a more satisfying relationship with cooking."

"If you feel inadequate or lost when it comes to mastering the art of cooking or food preparation, you are not alone. I have encountered countless adults of all ages who fear or hate to cook as I once did. In Too Terrified to Cook? Just Think Life a Master Chef, you will find charts, exercises and strategies to help you feel more confident in the kitchen. These time-saving, cost-saving strategies work for me. Let them work for you, too " --Althea Lockridge, author