The World's Most Haunted Hospitals heftetEngelsk, 2016


If hospital walls could talk, what tales would they tell?
Hospitals are the nexus point between life and death, the place into which people enter this world, but also exit it. In "The World's Most Haunted Hospitals," paramedic and paranormal investigator Richard Estep recounts some of the most fascinating--and often chilling--stories of hospital hauntings from across the globe, including:
The ghostly apparitions at an old Utah hospital, now a nursing home, whose appearances are said to predict a patient's death.
The Italian island referred to by locals as "the gateway to Hell," where the restless spirits of thousands of plague victims prowl the dark streets and fields.
The terrifying screams and violent phenomena that keep visitors away from an abandoned airbase hospital in the Philippines.
The ghostly nurse in grey who haunts the corridors of a London hospital and has frightened generations of doctors and nurses encountering her restless spirit.
Join Richard on this fascinating journey around the world, stopping off at a wide spectrum of haunted hospitals and asylums, old and new, and shiver at the personal encounters of doctors, nurses, patients, and others with the strange and inexplicable.