The Ultimate Student Academic Planner Book: Ivory Glam Bride - Homework Assignment Planner - Calendar - Organizer - Project - To-Do List - Notes - Cla heftetEngelsk, 2019


The Academic Planner Queen is proud to present the latest. Undated Ultimate Student Academic Planner for the new School Year This Gorgeous Student Homework Assignment tracker and organizer is undated and may be used at any time during the school year which makes it the PERFECT gift for anyone who needs a new planner or need to get organized.

The Ultimate Student Planner has EVERYTHING that your student needs and MANY more sections that she doesn't realize that she needs yet.

Note Any Glitter, Foil or Gold is Faux, but very pretty nonetheless Homeschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School or College, this straight-forward, easy to use and CUTE guidebook will keep your student on top of her assignments and projects (FINALLY )

Provide her with the essential tools that she needs to manage her busy schedule.

Features Include:

  • Course overview (Subject matter/topic, Key problem areas, Course notes)
  • Questions: Course Progress (Subject matter/topic, What I'm Struggling with, Questions to Ask)
  • Formulas Reference Sheet with Meaning/Definition/Uses By Subject
  • Equations Reference Sheet with Meaning/Definition/Uses By Subject
  • Event Tracker by Subject
  • Assigned Reading By Semester
  • Chapter Summary with Checklist, Key Points, Summary, etc
  • Essay Planner (Topic overview, Key Focus, Intro, Points 1-3, Conclusion, References, Notes)
  • Assessment Breakdown (Description, Task, Dates)
  • Study Guide Tracker (Notes and Progress Tracker)
  • Project Planner (Project Description, Important Info, To Do List, Task Schedules, Structure. Progress)
  • Pomodoro Tracker (Top 3 Priorities, Target Sessions, Completed Sessions, Breaks, Time Spent, Time Stared/Completed, Task/Project)
  • Daily Study Planner (Weekly Data, Priorities, Notes, Reminders, Resources, Task Checklist, Questions)
  • Weekly Study Planner ( Daily Data, Topic List, Resources, Study Goals, Notes)
  • Monthly Planner - Undated
  • Study Logbook and Tracker (Hourly, Daily and Weekly Schedule)
  • Reference Planner (Author, Source, Title, Date, Page Number)
  • Assignment Planner (Title, Start Date/End Date, objectives, key points, action steps, milestones, notes, resources, completion date)
  • Assignment Due Date Checklist
  • Study Session Planner (Assignment detail, priorities, Time started/finished, Task/Project)
  • Assigned reading (Class, Book, Date, Assignment)
  • Grade Tracker with Chart (Subject, Goal, Grade, Notes, Date, Details, Goal Grade, Actual Grade, Notes/Comments)
  • 1 Hour Study Session Tracker
  • Course Progress (Topic, Key Points, Weak Areas, Understanding Level Checklist)
  • Chapter Summary (Chapter, Pages, Notes, Key Points, Summary overview checklist, Key Areas Understanding of Chapter scale 1-10, Chapter Summary Notes)
  • Study Time Tracker
  • Study Planner (Estimated Study Hours - Goal/Actual, Deadlines, Study Time Table, Topics to study, Progress