The Road Stalker heftetEngelsk, 2003


Lawmen in Washington State find themselves searching for a killer who has left two strangers buried along side the highway near the town of Glennola. While it may be true that two bodies hardly compare to the number of people murdered in the larger cities across the country, to the good people living in this quiet, forested, out-of-the-way town, it is an unsettling nightmare. Especially so when one of their own comes up missing.Dan McCellen, the Sheriff of Lewis County, and his deputy, Jim Henery, are based in Glennola, and aside from a daily drive-through by the State Police, are the only law people have. As the murders continue to happen, and evidence is gathered, the lawmen begin to form an opinion as to the identity of the killer. They believe him to be some sort of traveling man who comes into the area on a regular basis. As it turns out in the end, they are not far from the truth.