The Pony-Girl Collection heftetEngelsk, 2012


Wear Your Pony Tail With Pride -Brother and sister kidnapped to be ponies, in France, he is first her groom, then she his Mistress and he a stallion! He comes to love to wear his pony-tail with pride! A Ponygirl's Tale-Horsy teenage girl falls for lady who help her to achieve a dream, being a pony! Hard at first, spell as girl groom has her pining to be back, tethered naked in the stable straw! Pony Girl Joy-Delights ...girl becomes groom, race and show pony. A Ponygirl Confesses, girls join pony club, as grooms, ponies. One is raced until she is sold back to cruel elder sisters A Pony-Girl Confesses-Two girls volunteer to be pony-girls. The Pony Girl Club-Two horsy girls hear of Pony Club, learn too late they are to be ponies, end up as owned fillies, gorgeously equipped and loving every minute of service to their new Mistress