The Organization of American States, 2nd Edition innbundetEngelsk, 1993


This is a complete update and revision of Stoetzer's classic reference work on the Organization of American States (OAS), first published by Praeger in 1965. The work will provide the reader with an understanding of the OAS in today's world and will give a realistic and indepth interpretation of the inter-american system, its background, and its development. The work not only deals with basic information, such as the activities and organization of the most important organs and institutions of the OAS, its commissions and agencies; it also covers the changes that have taken place over the last forty-five years, since the founding of the OAS in 1948, including much material not readily available from other sources.This comprehensive work on the OAS will be a mandatory reference for all those involved in inter-american and world affairs and international organizations. It will also appeal to scholars in inter-American history and affairs, Latin American studies, and political science.