The Organic Lawn Manual for Turf Professionals and Landscapers heftetEngelsk, 2018


Have you always wanted to be a landscaper or to have a lawn that looked like it was created by a professional? Have you also wondered if it is possible to have a top-notch yard full of thick green turf but thought it wasn't possible without the use of harmful chemicals? Let Tom Pote help you create the lawn of your dreams (and potentially build a business out of it) with The Organic-Lawn Manual for Turf Professionals and Landscapers.

Pote's techniques are the best out there when it comes to producing beautiful, insect- and disease-resistant turfgrass that can compete with chemically altered lawns. Anyone can create this type of handsome landscape with the tools found inside this book, and what's more, it can be done affordably and completely organically. And if you decide to create your own lawn-management business, even better Pote has ideas and techniques from his twenty years of experience that will help already thriving landscapers benefit as well.

So grab your tools-and this guide -and start creating lawns that are just as healthy and natural as they look.