The Island of Serenity Book 1: The Island of Survival heftetEngelsk, 2018


Pierre-Alain James 'Faron' Ferguson is about to commit suicide on the eve of his 40 birthday.

In his suicide note he attempts to understand how he has come to have wrecked not only his own life, but also all of those around him.

Having come from a wealthy family and having the ability to think and reflect on his choices and actions, it is not only depressing, but also surprisng to have arrived at this place.


Pierre-Alain James 'Faron' Ferguson finds himself in a type of 'no-mans-land', between here and there, he must accept to visit the 7 islands before he will be allowed to continue on to his next steps. The islands are named; Survival, Pleasure, Esteem, Love, Expression, Insight and lastly, the Island of Serenity.

The first, the Island of Survival resembles something out of the Stone-Age. Not only that, but he cannot even remember how to make a fire, nor what a wheel is.

He must face giant bears and wild pigs, but also integrate into a pre-historic tribe.

Here, he must re-awaken his desire to live.

And .... to survive.