The Four Fits of Dynamic Leadership heftetEngelsk, 2017


Today's workplace is more nuanced than ever, filled with diverse, dynamic employees. And those employees need to be led by someone equally flexible. Being an effective leader in the twenty-first century means breaking free of conventional management models.

From the author of The Four Fits of Holistic Growth comes a new philosophy that will enable leaders to take new perspectives on old problems such as employee morale and engagement, wages and benefits, communication, and work-life balance. The result will be a team whose members can use their wide range of skills to reach shared goals.

Empowering employees to achieve objectives is the basis of leadership, no matter the personality or strategies of each individual leader. Building a connection between the leader and the team is paramount, and to do so requires understanding of each of the four fits or areas: mental, emotional, team, and personal power. This comprehensive handbook explores each in detail and includes worksheets to clarify important lessons.

When old strategies stop working, leaders must be willing to try new ones. The comprehensive approach in this innovative guide promotes positive changes that will enable you and your team to succeed while remaining true to your core values.