The Demon Signet heftetEngelsk, 2013


AN ANCIENT RELIC...A SECRET ORDER...AN INFERNAL HUNTER...AND FOUR FRIENDS ON THE BACK ROADS OF HELL...When a plane on its way back from Canada has to make an emergency stop in the middle of the mountains of upstate New York, Heather, Ashley, Ian, and Marcus decide to make the drive to Maryland rather than wait for the plane to be repaired. All they want is to be home for Christmas. Little do they know, however, that their rental car has come with a surprise, and that just living through another Christmas might be a miracle too big to hope for. As an ancient puzzle is constructed along their path, and a blood-thirsty demon hunts them for what he believes is his, the four friends will find themselves caught in the midst of an age-long battle between Good and Evil, ultimately coming face to face with the darkness hidden deep within their own hearts.