The creative spaces in between pocketEngelsk, 2015


Do you ever feel the need for a positive lift in your daily life? A lift enabling you to become more creative in everyday life, in your family or at work? Then you have to learn how to shift your attention away from your spouse; your colleague; your boss; or product, and towards "The Creative Spaces In Between" which is the place where development and innovative thinking occur and all changes happen. Taking the artistic universe and especially tile mosaic decorations as its starting point, the book offers a unique combination of autobiography and positive thinking together with personal development and four concrete methods for working with creativity. You will also discover why it is so vital to have the courage to follow the feeling of flow and pursue your passion in life, and you experience how crisis and hardship can be used constructively in a creative process. Included in the book is a wide number of illustrations, which exemplify and support the artist's experiences from working with the concept of "The Creative Space In Between". Let yourself be inspired and motivated by a positive philosophy of life - spiced with entertaining anecdotes. The simple, creative tools offered in the book can give you an infusion of energy in your everyday life as well as make you more conscious about being creative in your own life. - Where do new ideas come from? - How can crisis and hardships create creativity and innovation? - What does it mean to step into "The Creative Spaces in Between"? - Creativity and passion as "the connecting thread of fate" in life. The book helps you develop your creative abilities, and in the process you are lifted up and get ready to move further on in your life. An inspirational book by Danish author, public speaker and mosaic-artist, Marie Elisabeth A. Franck Mortensen, who takes her vast experience gained from the creative world and couples it with the art of creating everyday life.