The Assignment heftetEngelsk, 2018


We don t know what we are capable of until we try.

We don t know our nature until we feel a threat to our lives.

We don t know our world.

We don t know our history.

In The Assignment, a doctor coming home after a hard night shift encounters a brutal gang. They use and kill young girls at will. It also appears they are government men.

The physician undergoes a sudden mental metamorphosis. He kills most all of the gang, but it is not enough for him, and it is not the end.

Step by step he is dragged deeply into a secret criminal society of power and sick souls. Nothing is enough. Nothing is fair. The doctor decides to track the whole gang down and annihilate them all. He believes nothing so vulgar and coarse deserves to live.

Will the avenger go too far?

Georgi Nenchev is an anesthesiologist at City Hospital in Rousse, Bulgaria. As a child, he was impressed by stories about Chavdar the Chieftain and other heroes from Bulgarian history. This is his first book. Dr. Nenchev wrote it to show the dark side of human nature, especially in high places. He is of the "strong belief that there are still people who won t give their souls to this dark will. And will fight it."