The Artwork, of: Dr. Dennis L. Siluk: Volume II heftetEngelsk, 2018


Dr. Dennis L. Siluk was always gifted with the art of drawing, he was born with that natural talent, and he was really proficient at that, creating over one thousand and five hundred artworks by his virtue of imagination and talent, creating these superb works which he published them throughout his writings, and some in his Web site. In 1965, being only seventeen years old, he took an Art Award, "Second Place for the Best 100 Art Show from the Saint Paul Jaycees," in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. And among his three Doctorate Degrees he had obtained in a decade, he got one in Arts and Education. Moreover, he had received good comments on his artwork by many artists, to mention some: Yang Yang, International Amer-ican Chinese Artist who has a Gallery in Chicago, USA; Chusty a Peruvian Artist who has his Art Shop by Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima, Peru, and so on. This Volume II contains one hundred and thirty five artworks.Dr. Dennis L. Siluk is a poet since he was twelve years old, a writer, Psychologist, Ordained Minister, Decorated Veteran from the Vietnam War, Doctor in Arts and Education. In addition, he received twice Honorary Doctorate, and was appointed Poet Laureate in Peru, nine times. One of his books, "The Galilean," took Honorable Mention at the 2016 Paris Book Festival, and received an award from the Congress of Peru, for his cultural writings. He is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, and lives with his wife Rosa, in Lima, Peru and High up in the Andes, in Huancayo, also, in Minnesota. By Rosa Pe aloza