Tales of the World of Futas Collection 2 heftetEngelsk, 2018


TWELVE naughty, wicked, and cuckolding futa stories gathered in one massive bundle for your enjoyment What if there was a world of only women and futas? What sort of wicked tales would be found? Because naughty futas love nothing more than seducing sexy hot wives Passion, lust, and throbbing surprises lurk beneath the futa's skirts. These twelve stories burn so hot, they'll melt your eReader with futa desire Kinky, hot futa-passion fills these pages In the World of Futas, wild passions abound around every corner These stories contain: futa-on-female, futa-on-futa, oral, anal, hot wives, naughty cuckolding, BDSM, bondage, spanking, public fun, menage, seduction, DP, creampie, exhibitionism, voyeurism, interracial, and group fun The naughty futas' stories are not for the faint of heart. This bundle contains the following stories: HuCow MILF Menage (Futas & the HuCow MILFs 1) Hungry Futa Passion (Futas & the HuCow MILFs 2) Two HuCow MILFs (Futas & the HuCow MILFs 3) Futa's Hot Wife (Cuckolded by the Black Futa 1) Hot Wife's Futa Lover (Cuckolded by the Black Futa 2) Hot Wife Taken by the Futas (Cuckolded by the Black Futa 3) Hot Bride Seduction (Futa Honeymoon Cuckold 1) New Bride's Black Futa Lover (Futa Honeymoon Cuckold 2) Hot Bride's Futa Menage (Futa Honeymoon Cuckold 3) Wife's Submissive Desire (Futa Submissive Training 1) Bondage Exhibitionism (Futa Submissive Training 2) Submitting to Her Futa (Futa Submissive Training 3) Twelve tales of the World of Futas