Taken at the Flood heftetEngelsk, 2016


Former Navy captain Meredith Reid is living a quiet life, running a charter boat out of Miami, Florida. Business is slow but she can't complain. When Rue Stanton wants to hire Meredith's services and offers a generous charter fee but won't disclose her destination, Meredith is intrigued but skeptical.

Rue Stanton specializes in recovering rare and often stolen goods for the wealthy. Involving the authorities is never an option. The fewer people who know the details of each trip, the better. Rue's latest quest involves a German U-boat filled with looted art and treasure, and she needs Meredith's help to get to Canc n, Mexico.

When a bomb blast interrupts their first meeting, Meredith and Rue begin their journey across the globe--working to stay one step ahead of someone who is obviously looking for the same treasure. And as if things aren't complicated enough, their growing attraction is making it harder and harder for them to keep their eyes on the prize...