Synthetic Biology innbundetEngelsk, 2017


Synthetic biology is a discipline that applies science and engineering disciplines together to design and build novel potential biological functions and systems. This includes re-designing already existing biological systems, creating programs to control cells, constructing new biological systems, including an entirely new organism, or parts, and devices to meet specific purposes. Unlike traditional cell-and molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics, this area focuses on the conceptualization, customization and adaptiveness, design and construction of core components like metabolic pathways, biomolecules and devices and larger systems to solve specific problems. While there is an immense potential of synthetic biology, there are several ethical issues, like risks, benefits, and concerns about our relationship to the natural world, as well as about the intrinsic value these synthetic lives and systems have for humans and the environment.This book provides insight into significant developments in synthetic biology, and intends to guide students, scientists, as well as technology aficionados. We also look forward to your comments and suggestions.