Superhero Cat Primary Composition Book: With Picture Space: Draw Top Lines Bottom - Large Kitten Primary Composition Notebook Grades K-2 & K-3 Story J heftetEngelsk, 2019


Cool Superhero Cat Primary Composition Book for Grades K-2 & K-3 - With Picture Box: Draw at the Top, Primary Lines & Dotted Midline at the Bottom

Make going to school fun for your little one

This pretty primary composition notebook helps them to:

  • practice their letters, and
  • improve their writing

What Will You Get If You Buy This Primary Composition Book?

  • Perfect for Grades K-2 & K-3. Can be used from kindergarten to early childhood
  • Soft, premium glossy cover with high-quality finish
  • 100 pages with picture space: draw top lines bottom
  • Large size: 8 x 10 inches (lots of space to draw + learn how to write )
  • Perfect bound and printed on durable paper

Sound good?

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