Super Sallee Seagull heftetEngelsk, 2018


One day Sallee is an ordinary seagull with two best friends - Izzy and Lizzy. The next day, she gets hit by lightening and suddenly she can read minds! Her friends always thought she was weird. Sallee looks different to other herring gulls. With those stupid grey feathers around her left eye, no wonder they said she was ugly and looked like a pirate! Now they are freaked out by her new telepathic superpowers and abandon her. Lonely, scared and sad, Sallee needs time to learn how to control her superpowers and get her friends back - or find some new ones! Then she accidentally gets involved in rescuing Minni Mynah and Petru Pelican. They have been kidnapped by the crew of an oil tanker and are trapped on board. The tanker is heading for the oil bunkers in Falrose harbour near Sallee's home. The tanker is leaking oil and a Tsunami will hit the Cornish coast in four hours time. It could kill the baby seagulls in the nursery on Falrose river. Can Sallee use her new superpowers to prevent a marine disaster?