Sorry I'm No Longer Accepting Homework: Graph Paper Notebook - 0.25 Inch (1/4) Squares heftetEngelsk, 2019


A graph notebook features pages covered with a continuous square grid. The squares have different sizes according to your preference.The lines are often used as guides for plotting mathematical functions or experimental data and drawing two-dimensional graphs. It is the preferred page for mathematical graphing, art projects, statistical charts and home renovation projects. Here are other benefits of using a Graph Paper: - Drawing schematics, diagrams and models - Graphs - Flow charts - Orderly, bulleted notetaking - Check-box style to do lists - Budgeting - Timelines - Writing in Japanese or Chinese Who would LOVE this notebook? - Those note takers with small handwriting who want to maximize their total number of words per page - Those note takers with a tendency for messy handwriting, who need structure to focus on controlling the size and spacing of each letter Whether you need form to guide you with your letters and numbers or a notebook to easily tick off your To Do lists, you'll love our notebook.