Sociological Wonderment: The Puzzles of Social Life heftetEngelsk, 1994


Accessible and engaging, Sociological Wonderment brings sociology into the personal lives of students. In the tradition of C. Wright Mills, the author shows how personal concerns should be considered within public contexts. The book's unique thematic approach, topicality, and the way it challenges students' assumptions about social life make it an invaluable supplement.

The interactive learning approach of Sociological Wonderment eases the job of instruction. Students come to grips with the perplexing and enigmatic puzzles at the heart of the sociological enterprise, while Higgins demonstrates that all is not what it seems to be. The author does not presume to know the truth in full, and he explicitly states as much. Rather, his style encourages students to recognize their own value orientations on pivotal issues, removing the illusion that sociologists can or should be value-free.

Sociological Wonderment is a thought-provoking search, an adventure, and an attempt to find one's way through the great maze of our social world. Students will find it a challenging but meaningful quest. A brief Instructor's Resource Guide is available.