Social Media Savvy: 10 Fundamentals Every Direct Seller Needs to Know heftetEngelsk, 2018


For all direct sellers and network marketers looking to expand their reach and achieve greater results using social media in business.

Social Media Savvy 10 Fundamentals Every DIRECT SELLER needs to know teaches you how to think smarter about integrating social media into your direct selling or networking marketing business, with a focus on Facebook and Pinterest. Author and direct selling expert, Laurie Girardi guides readers through the most essential tips and strategies necessary to engage more effectively, pulling people in rather than pushing them away. This handy guide provides the perfect foundation for a powerful social media presence that optimizes you and all you have to offer.

Because ... you matter. You are even more important as a direct seller today than ever before.
Direct selling is not just about people selling products or services directly to others. It's something bigger. It's personal. It's powerful. It's about people sharing their passion with others and making a real difference (and a real income) in our world.

As the fast-moving, ever-changing use of technology and social media seem to be taking over, you matter. Think of social media as an extension of you, your business and the experiences of your life. With time and patience, social media can become a powerful part of your action plan for your business.