Sketchbook: Baseball Birthday Girl United States of America Blank Writing Journal Patriotic Stars & Stripes Red White & Blue Cover heftetEngelsk, 2019



Art Sketchbook - An artist's observational skills, drawing skills & your self-confidence as an artist all progress as you fill out a sketchbook.

This cute sketchbook will be appreciated by anyone who loves to draw & express themselves artistically. The artist you know and love will appreciate this and they'll be "etching" to create passionate works of art.

This matte finished sketchbook comes complete with over 100 pages (approx. 52 sheets)

Dimensions: 6 " x 9" giving you plenty of drawing & writing space.

  • Sketchbooks are popular and frequently used to:
  • Help foster creativity while improve on your artistic skills.
  • Allow artists an informal way of exploring their craft for the ultimate self-exploration.
  • Remind artists to keep exploring, be themselves & embrace imperfection.
  • Allow beginners to learn how to sketch and draw.
  • Allow amateur & professional artists to practice their craft & create a personal portfolio
  • Help professionals such as architects & designers.
  • Keep drawings or artistic creations organized so you can look back on them & see your progress.
  • Study your own style & find patterns in your work that can be used to discover your artistic style.
  • Sketchbooks are portable & keeps your work protected.
  • And so much more...

Let's help ourselves spend a little less time using technology and use the creative side of our brain to produce wonderful works of art.

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