Sheltered from Above (a Voice from Heaven Reveals the Truth) heftetEngelsk, 2018


When life seems difficult and nothing seems to be working, how many of us get discouraged? How many of us ask that big question, "Why is this happening to me?" Unfortunately, none of us are exempt from the trials and tribulations we face during our lifetime. Although, at times we feel God is far away, be assured, He isn't In Sheltered from Above, author Victoria Rose Valitutto unfolds the true story of a young girl's computer instant message that evolves into a whirlwind romance but later, turns tragic when she is told she is pregnant. Feel her pain as she withstands devastating torture while struggling to save her unborn child. After a disastrous turn of events, the tables turn, and the life she now fights to save is her own. Hear the incredible story of a mom's perseverance to find out the truth when she learns that her daughter's life is coming to an end. As she calls out to God for an answer, her journey becomes one that no mother should ever have to endure. Time is of the essence, and only a voice from heaven can save her daughter now. Will Mom hear from heaven in time? This compelling story is a page-turner that will leave you at the edge of your seat when you read how this child is Sheltered from Above.