Shakespeare in Space heftetEngelsk, 2002


The space of performance dictates what can occur within it. A proscenium stage as opposed to a thrust stage or black-and-white film as opposed to color film conditions what a Shakespeare script can communicate to an audience. The productions and their accommodation to their medium that this book treats in detail include television productions such as the Shaw-Warner "Richard II," the Caird "Henry IV, "the Hytner "Twelfth Night, " the Eyre "King Lear, " and the second season of the Animated Shakespeare Series, as well as films such as the British Film Institute's silent film production, the Hoffman "A Midsummer-Night's Dream, "the Almereyda "Hamlet, " the Branagh "Hamlet, " the Taymor "Titus," and the Branagh "Love's Labour's Lost."