Shadow of the Overlord: A Thrilling Epic Fantasy Adventure heftetEngelsk, 2019


A heroine no one knows they need. A reluctant warrior with a dark secret. A crumbling kingdom on the brink of war.

Taliesimon has always dreamed of being the first female Dragoon warrior, but the commander and his lackeys will do anything to ensure she fails.

An itinerant sell-sword, William's life is nothing like he imagined. His greatest enemies are the bottle, which he takes no pains to avoid, and his past, which he avoids at all costs.

When the king mysteriously disappears, the kingdom teeters on the verge of collapse. If neither he nor his estranged son, the prince, can be found, the kingdom will fall into the hands of a brilliant mastermind working from the shadows.

As an unknown threat rises, a violent raid brings William and Taliesimon together in an uneasy alliance with tremendous potential for disaster.

With enemies on all sides, can they put their differences aside in time to save humanity from a brutal war unlike anything the world has ever seen?

Shadow of the Overlord is 675+ pages of thrilling epic fantasy, guaranteed to keep you up reading late into the night If you enjoyed the constant adventure of Dragonlance, the complex and fully realized world of the Magister trilogy, or the wonderful characters of the Inheritance Cycle, then you'll love Kevin Potter's page-turning, epic sword & sorcery adventure.