Practicing Rural Social Work heftetEngelsk, 2015


How do we define rural social work? How is rural social work practice different from practice in urban settings? Why is rural social work practice sometimes seen as complex and difficult to understand?Within the conversation surrounding rural social work, there is a consistent focus on theoretical arguments, definitions, and political concerns, and a limited discussion of direct practice. This book speaks directly to practice concerns as they apply to rural environments at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. The authors use a generalist model of practice and apply systems and person-in-environment theories to help readers develop a more sophisticated understanding of general problems andconcerns found in rural communities. To truly respond to the well-being of rural residents, rural social workers need to learn to identify and implement opportunities for growth, development, health, and welfare. This book encourages critical thinking, careful reflection, and self-directed learning soas to foster real, positive, sustainable social change in rural environments.