Positif 50 Years heftetEngelsk, 2002


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary and the 500th issue of the French film journal Positif - voila! A pre-eminent film magazine since its inception, the monthly Positif has always been at the forefront of critical thought, discerning trends in cinema as they are happening. With over fifty articles covering some of the most notable films of the past fifty years, this compendium reveals how the magazine accomplished that very feat throughout its existence. Read Bernard Chardere on Luis Bunuel's Los Olvidados, Paul-Louis Thirard on Maurice Burnan, Robert Benayoun on Frederico Fellini, and other critics on flicks from The African Queen and Hiroshima mon Amour to Reservoir Dogs. With an introduction by Michel Ciment, Positif's editor, and articles by distinguished critics and practitioners, this compilation pays tribute to both the importance of films and the lasting value of Positif.