Parent Partnership Services for Special Educational Needs innbundetEngelsk, 2016


This book gives a clear understanding of the growth and operation of special educational needs Parent Partnership Services (PPSs). The reader will find an explanation of the broader national and legal context of PPSs, followed by contributions written by Parent Partnership Coordinators and parent workers in various regions. They describe what they actually do, including their work with and support for parents and carers of children with special educational needs. The book includes information on the latest special needs and disability rights legislation; descriptions of innovative good practice in setting up and operating PPSs; case studies from practitioners; advice on how to liaise effectively with other professionals and agencies; guidance on giving and receiving training, especially for independent parental supporters (IPSs); and ways of implementing disagreement resolution schemes. Parent Partnership Coordinators will find this book particularly useful. Special Educational Needs Coordinators, SENCOs, educational psychologists, IPSs and parents will also find it a relevant and timely publication.