Nostalgia of my Father heftetEngelsk, 2018


Nostalgia of My Father tells the stories of Jonas - an ordinary man, a family man, who got involved with alcohol. Memories of him were revived by his relatives and friends and organized into a book by his son. A fragmented biography that shows the comedic moments of his youth and family life, his personal dramas, his fights and hard moments, and his concern about the education of his children. These are the details of a man who could be any one of us, a man who didn't let himself be defeated by the hardships of life, but who fought and made his mark in the family's heart. The reader will be attracted by the protagonist's striking features and feel captivated by the simple things: his acts of courage, his character and determination, and the moral values of a man of the people. This is a book to make you reflect on the details of life.