Mylee's Magical Tail!: Tales for Children - Mylee Series heftetEngelsk, 2019


MYLEE'S MAGICAL TAIL Do you know Mylee?It is a sea horse. When one day Babu and his friends bought balloons, Mylee was trapped inside a balloon. Mylee said it was trapped because of her mischief with a whale. She requested Babu and his friends to save her.They saved her. Before going to its home -the sea - Mylee wanted to live with her friends and wanted to help the World as much as possible. Babu and his friends were very happy when they heard this.You know, Mylee can take up any figure? Please read Mylee stories to find out what all good things it has done.Mylee Stories Published so far:1.Baloon Baloon 2. Demon on the Mountain 3. Pebble fallen into the pond 4. Building constructed in the Air 5. Ten Hands for Babu 6. Eight feet tall butterfly 7. It is not raining there 8.Blue Tomato 9.Let's save the Little Rabbit 10.Have you seen green Jasmine?11.Ringa Ringa Lotus... 12.Orange in Appu's Mouth Babu and his friends never expected it During Pongal holidays, they will go on an excursion. Some parents will take up the responsibility of looking after the children during such outings. The children will be singing enthusiastically in the bus, without disturbing other travellers When they go on these trips, they would require money to buy toys, snacks and for ticket fares So, Babu and his friends used to save money in a common piggy bank. And, the key to this piggy bank would be with Babu. Whenever they planned an excursion, the piggy bank would be opened in front of all and the money inside would be counted. Then Babu would share the coins saved equally with all. With that they would buy toys, eatables and other things at the touring spots.That Sunday, Saravanan's father had to go to Chennai on an urgent work. He told Saravanan "You and your friends can also come with me. I will leave you at the exhibition, then go to Pondy Bazaar, finish my work and pick you up at 3 p.m. Senior boys should take care of the little ones. Okay?".Saravanan was very happy He went to all his friends' houses, took their parent's permission. And, he told his friends, "At 7.30 a.m. everybody should come to my house. Okay? From there we will go to the bus stand".As Saravanan was going with his father, other parents also agreed to send their children with them.Babu also got ready. If he had known about the trip a day before, their piggy bank could have been opened and money shared with all. He did not want to open it without the presence of his friends. So he put that piggy bank in his shoulder bag. "Babu, shall I pack tamarind rice?" his mother asked."No, mother, we have lot of money in the piggy bank and we will eat happily in the hotels".His mother said with love "Okay, go and come back safely. Be good children and don't trouble Saravanan's father".Babu said "Okay" and went running to Saravanan's house.There was not much crowd in the bus. Children took window seats. Elders smiled at them, remembering their school days. At the exhibition entrance Saravanan's father gave a mobile phone and said "Babu my number is in it. If there is any problem, call me. Everybody should go together and see all the stalls. Otherwise, someone might get lost. Understand?".Babu and his friends agreed by nodding their heads. Saravanan's father bought entry tickets for all, gave them to Ponni and left for his work.