My Journal for Dreaming Big: A Weekly Prompt Journal to Foster a Growth-Mindset in Kids Goal Visualization and Tracking Mind-Flexing Activities heftetEngelsk, 2019


My Journal for Dreaming Big is a guided journal designed to help children realise that they already possess the skills they need to foster a growth mindset. They just need to practice these skills on a daily basis and in every activity.

Developing a growth mindset doesn't have to be complicated or dogmatic. The simple questions and answers in this journal, and fun activities that stretch their imagination, will help guide kids towards a more open minded outlook and ultimately cultivate a growth mindset.

This journal is divided into 52 weekly journal entries, with some fun diversions in between, and helps kids develop a growth mindset by:

  • Writing down their weekly goals
  • Breaking them down into tasks
  • Reviewing the previous week
  • Following their success over time
  • Plus, borrowing a page from visualization theory, this journal gives children plenty of opportunity to visualize their goals through drawing

By utilising this prompt journal on a regular basis, kids will:

  • Begin to internalise the idea that anything can be learnt
  • And understand that goals are achievable when broken down into small steps