Mileage Log Book Gas And Mileage Tracker: Military Snow Camouflage Logbook Notebook To Track Miles Up To 2400 Unique Business Or Personal Trips - Good heftetEngelsk, 2019


Snow Camo Styled Mileage Log Book Gas And Mileage Tracker

Introducing this unique one of kind retro styled mileage logbook for those that want to casually keep track of miles for both personal and business purposes and very handy for tax usage. Check out a summary of some of the features this one of kind logbook offers:

  1. 6 x 9 Easy to take on the go and store.
  2. 120 Pages with up to 2400 unique trips.
  3. Able to be used for multiple vehicles with make, model and year entries.
  4. Log date and time.
  5. Odometer start finish and totals.
  6. Description to record trip purpose and destination.
  7. Carry your mileage total across all pages for easy calculation.
  8. Clea an easy to use, store and small enough to carry in your car or keep in your office.

Click on Author Rufus Mack Archibald to see other plaid, retro and camouflage styled covers. Other colors in plaid include red, blue, green, brown, purple and pink plaid designs. We also are currently carrying camouflage styles such as jungle, desert, snow and pink camouflage. More cover styles to come in the future.

We hope you enjoy this uniquely styled logbooks.