Mercury Poisoning It's Not in Our Heads Anymore: True Stories, Symptoms and Treatments heftetEngelsk, 2007


Mercury Poisoning - It's Not In Our Heads Anymore

This is the third book continuing the journey of my son Jodi Shaw who has autism, and deals with various issues including mercury poisoning from dental amalgams, vaccines, toxic chemicals and electromagnetic radiation.

It was written because of peer pressure from people whose lives have been devastated by mercury poisoning. They wanted their stories to be told and all of them are true

All those named were harmed by either mercury dental amalgams and/or mercury laced vaccines, and you'll learn

  • the symptoms of mercury toxicity
  • where it comes from,
and how to remove it...SAFELY

Follow their stories and you'll discover how chelation and safe removal of dental amalgams saved the lives of

  • Bryan,
  • Pam,
  • Lynn,
  • Zoe,
  • Maggie
  • and many more including myself.

Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances on the planet but strangely it has been an accepted practice to put it in our mouths and add it to vaccines.

There's a whole chapter on Candida, and why you really need to look after your probiotic bacteria.

You'll also learn how the use of daily specific supplements have resulted in Jodi finally eating that "meat and two veg" meal I've mentioned in my earlier books but never dreamed possible.

Regardless of whether you've been following Jodi's journey or not, this book is truly informative, amusing and has been described as an unforgettable piece of non-fiction for anyone who cares about their health.


(This book is a non-illustrated version of ISBN-978-0-9557736-0-0 which is no longer available.)