Memoirs of My Mother: A Story of Life in Rural Dublin in the Mid 1900s. heftetEngelsk, 2015


What was it like to live in an Irish rural setting through the harshest winter in memory? What about when bombs fell on Dublin during World War Two? Or simple things like going to school and caring for your family? Or things of by-gone years such as house weddings, dances in the Halls and in the Houses? Glance into a window of social history though the Memoirs of my Mother, Elizabeth Betty] Perry (n e Murphy) She was born in 1931 and lived her early life in Glenasmole, a beautiful valley, with two lakes, in the rural community of Bohernabreena on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. In this book she shares some delightful reflections about her life and her family there. Also about growing up and walking down new paths, while never forgetting the old. The book is punctuated with many beautiful and old family photographs that provide an amazing sense of the time. Some of these are faded with time, yet many remain rich in their descriptive value nonetheless. Part of my Mother's hope for this work is simple, yet one the author shares: '...that whoever reads this book will get some enjoyment out of it.' The book mentions, and contains photographs of, my ancestors from the Ireland of the 1800s. Therefore, I hope it will be a blessing to those who have Irish roots or simply an interest in the nation, its people or social history.