Measurement Theory in Action pocketEngelsk, 2004


'This book provides all the information one would need to perform classical test theory analyses for reliability, item analysis, etc., and relieves professors of the need to come up with such information on their own. This allows them to concentrate on presenting the mathematical and statistical bases for the procedures that students will be using' - Keith F. Widaman, University of California, Davis 'There is a real need for something like this, and the authors have done a good job covering the domain' - Kevin Murphy, Pennsylvania State University The major emphasis of most psychometrics textbooks is on explaining test theory. Although students certainly need this foundation, professors wishing to supplement theory with applied examples and exercises have traditionally had very few sources. Measurement Theory in Action: Case Studies and Exercises is the perfect solution. In this volume, authors Kenneth Shultz and David Whitney provide professors and students the opportunity to implement the theoretical material students are exposed to elsewhere in their courses. The text comprises twenty modules, each corresponding to entire chapters in typical measurement theory texts.The modules begin with introductory concepts and a review of statistics; progress through conceptions of content, criterion-related, and construct validation, validity generalization and test bias; and they conclude with more advanced topics such as multiple regression and item response theory (IRT). Each module is composed of an overview, case studies, exercises, Internet references, and suggested further readings. Also included are step-by-step examples that allow students to practice their skills in the area of applied psychological measurement. An extensive glossary of key terms is also provided for quick reference.Key Features - Concise overviews clarify major topics in classical and modern test theory - Case studies depict typical dilemmas and difficulties faced when applying measurement theory - Exercises include brief in-class assignments, take-home or lab tasks that require the use of statistical analysis software, and course-long test development projects - Suggested readings and Internet references provide timely and relevant measurement-related information Measurement Theory in Action is ideal as a supplemental text for any measurement course across the social sciences and especially in departments of psychology and education. Professional researchers and academics in need of a quick refresher on the application of measurement theory will also find this an invaluable reference.