Marvel Vs DC Colouring Book heftetEngelsk, 2018


Featuring iconic artwork by renowned artists, DC vs Marvel Colouring Book includes stunning line art of beloved characters such as:
✅ Bane vs Colosso
✅ Batman vs Hulk
✅ Beast vs Cat Woman
✅ Dr Manhattan vs Loki
✅ Juggernaut vs Aquaman
✅ Gambit vs Zatanna
✅ Gamora vs SuperGirl
✅ Green Hornet vs Hawkeye
✅ Groot vs Poison Ivy
✅ Iron Man vs Lex Luthor
✅ Green Lantern vs Deadpool
✅ Power Girl vs Captain Marvel
✅ Raven vs Dr Fate
✅ Scarlet vs Harley Quinn
✅ Silver Surfer vs Flash
✅ Spider-Man vs Robin
✅ Starfire vs Dr Strange
✅ Thor vs Superman
✅ Wolverine vs Joker
✅ Wonder Woman vs Storm

This action-packed adult colouring book is filled with ready-to-colour illustrations of the most iconic characters from Marvel & DC Comics history. Super Heroes are yours to colour. This incredible colouring book offers hours of creative fun and relaxation.