Managing Software Quality and Business Risk heftetEngelsk, 1999


Invaluable guide to project planning and strategic decision making for software developers. Managing Software Quality and Business Risk How to manage quality up, and risk down If you were investing in a costly software development project, which horse would you back - managerial technique or technical solution? In the software development arena, you will often get two opposing views to this question depending on whether you ask a manager or an engineer on the team. Equally motivated to ensure the success of a software development project, each will dig deep into their domain for solutions. Martyn Ould presents practical and realistic planning techniques to provide managers and senior members of software project teams with a pragmatic means of increasing the chances of a project delivering to time and budget. Inside you will find:*proven strategies for a disciplined approach to project planning*steps to take in assessing risks and uncertainties in the project*reliable methods for reducing risks to an acceptable level*a quality planning process that is rooted in the technical requirements of the system*insight into monitoring and measuring project progress*real world experience through case studies and examplesVisit our Website at