Lord of the Flies: The Ultimate Audio Revision Guide (Suitable for GCSE 9-1) cd-bokEngelsk, 2014


Listen Learn Revise. As featured on The Gabby Logan Show (Radio 5 Live) and in the Times Educational Supplement (TES). Learn/revise through song and spoken word. A highly effective way to remember all of the key characters and facts about 'Lord of the Flies'. Also includes code for bonus downloadable GCSE style model answers. Track listing: 1. The Island and the Beast Song. 2. Key Points: Island and the Beast. 3. Quiz: The Island and the Beast. 4. Piggy's Song. 5. Key Points: Piggy. 6. Quiz: Piggy. 7. Ralph's Song. 8. Key Points: Ralph. 9. Quiz: Ralph. 10. Sam and Eric/Littluns Song. 11. Key Points: Sam and Eric/Littluns. 12. Quiz: Sam and Eric/Littluns. 13. Jack's Song. 14. Key Points: Jack. 15. Quiz: Jack. 16. Simon's Song. 17. Key Points: Simon. 18. Quiz: Simon. 19. Themes Song. 20. Key Points: Themes. 21. Quiz: Themes. 22. The Language Song. 23. Key points: The Language. 24. Quiz: The Language. 25. The Structure Song. 26. Key Points: Structure. 27. Quiz: Structure. 28. The Historical Context Song. 29. Key Points: Historical Context. 30. Quiz: Historical Context. The guide has 30 tracks and is 1 hour 19 minutes long.