Li'l Abner The Complete Dailies And Color Sundays, Vol. 9 1951-1952 innbundetEngelsk, 2017


To millions of daily readers spanning five decades, AlCapp was the man whose biting satire made them laugh as he injected "LowerSlobbovia," "the double whammy," and "Sadie HawkinsDay" into our popular lexicon. To Nobel-laureate John Steinbeck, he was"very possibly the best writer in the world today." This series isthe first-ever comprehensive reprinting of the comic strip-including bothdailies and meticulously-restored full-colorSundays.At long last Li'l Abner andDaisy Mae get married in a story so big it earned the cover of Life magazine!But the course of true love never runs smoothly, especially when the newlywedsadopt Li'l Orphan Hammy. Plus, Fearless Fosdick must save the world fromThe Atom Bum (goodbye, world!); Daisy Mae and Moonbeam McSwine are taken captiveby Sahara Sam, the Friendly Slave Dealer; and Abner falls victim to NightmareAlice's voodoo powers. All in the complete daily and color Sunday comicstrips from 1951 and '52!