Libra Girl 365 Day Journal: Daily Documenting of Creative Insights, Information, Plans and Goals for the Woman Born Between September 23 and Octob heftetEngelsk, 2018


As I look at my desk, I see at least 5 lists. A grocery list, a list of things to pack for my vacation, a list of songs for my playlist, a list of birds that visit my feeder, and the ever present, ever changing TO DO list. I'm sure that your desk, or phone looks much the same. Why do we like making lists? Of course there are as many reasons as there are people, but for me lists bring order to my life. They help me feel more organized, less stressed, more focused and help me remember things like Christmas and birthday dates and presents. Lists help me set goals and meet them. They are like a diary in that they are a daily snapshot of my life. They can be short term - something I can accomplish today - like a grocery list or long term, like 100 places I want to visit in my lifetime. Finally, when I come to the end of the list I have proof that I have accomplished something. That's how I use lists. How do YOU use this journal? This journal was made specifically for you to keep close. It's for those thoughts and ideas that spring up unannounced and your action items on those thoughts that lead to creatively planning your life and work. Sketch out rough ideas of your goals and plans, travel to your hobby destinations, list books on your subject, or items you need or want in the future. Draw pictures of them. Write out your thoughts and don't forget to use colorful stickers and pens to bring your thoughts to life. Enjoy