Knesington Gore's Hammered Horrors - The Compressionist heftetEngelsk, 2014


Kensington Gore's dark, scary world of Hammered Horrors invites you to meet a man who doesn't age. A man who slips through the cracks of our world. A man who always hides his true face. A man who needs other people to survive, feeding off them as he goes. He might just choose you next. All he needs is a chance to understand you and something that belongs to you. Then it begins. His hunger fulfilled for a little time, until he needs to feed again.We wish you a warm but scary welcome to the world of the Compressionist.This is the first novella by gifted horror writer Christopher Long to be included in Kensington Gore's Hammered Horror series. It will have you looking over your shoulder, and looking at the people around you in a totally different light.Kensington Gore